Senin, 03 Desember 2012


Winner winner, chicken dinner! 

Sorry guys I'm late to announce the winner of Fall in Love Giveaway Hop. Been busy this weekend and the rafflecopter have a glitch so I can't pick the winner! :( Glad all are settled now. BTW, first I want to say thank you to Reading Romances as the host for this giveaway hop. And for all of you who had enter the giveaway. Its a pleasure to read all your comments, find new experience about reading romance books and new authors to try :). Without further ado, the winner for Fall in Love Giveaway Hop are :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congrats for both winners! I'll email you both for your book of choice and you have 3x24 hrs to reply my email :) . Please wait for my next international giveaway which is... next year. I don't know when, lol! 

Happy weekend for the International folks and Happy Monday for my Indonesian friends :).

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Terimakasih sudah meninggalkan komen di Ren;s Little Corner. Silakan untuk setuju/tidak setuju dengan review/opini saya tapi mohon disampaikan dengan sopan ya :)

Saya berhak menghapus komentar yang tidak nyambung dengan isi blog atau spamming (jangan sertakan link blog kamu/ link apapun di kolom komentar, kecuali untuk giveaway/reading challenge).

Karena banyaknya komen anonim tanpa identitas, maka opsi anonim saya tiadakan. Komen untuk postingan yang berusia lebih dari 1 bulan otomatis akan dimoderasi.

Terimakasih sudah mau berkunjung! :D

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