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Review: Wishes and Sorrows - Cindy Lynn Speer

Title: Wishes and Sorrows
Author : Cindy Lynn Speer
Languange : English
Publisher: Dragonwell Publishing
Length :  312 pages
Published date: October 30th, 2014

Format : E-book (provided by NetGalley)

Genre : Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Horror

Author web: Click Here
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For New Adult - Adult Readers

Sinopsis :

For every wish there is a sorrow...

Wishes are born from sorrows, blessings are sometimes curses, and even fairy godmothers cannot always get what they want. In this original collection, Cindy Lynn Speer, the author of the Chocolatier’s Wife, brings to life creatures of myths and tales, mixing them into a vibrant tapestry of stories, happy and sad, magical and real, each lovingly crafted and sure to touch the reader’s soul. Step into the world where magic is real, and every mundane bit of reality is as magical as a true fairy tale.


Note: This review is copied from my Goodreads review with some editing. If you find any mistake in grammar and structure, please kindly email me at : sawamura_foxman AT yahoo DOT com , so I can correct it. Thanks! :) .

I never think at the first place that Wishes and Sorrows is an anthology, because when I request this one, I strucked by the haunting, eerie yet beautiful cover. When I read the first page, there are some introduction from Ms Speer about her short stories in this anthology. I read some, then decide to pass it because I don't want to be spoiled. Wishes and Sorrows have 14 fantasy, urban fantasy and fairy tale re-telling short stories (with 1 is not story, more like research). All have "wishes" and "sorrows" themes that tied all the short stories. Some told from 3rd POV and some were from 1st POV. All the story focused on the women as the main characters with some have "Happy Ever After", some "Happily for Now", some have frustating cliffhanger and some end in the tragedy. Wow, such a rich collection, rite?

Of course not all short stories I love. My favorite are The Bell Witch and Queen of Vines, Every Word I Speak, A Necklace of Rubies and But Can You Let Him Go. 

The Bell Witch and Queen of Vines is more like simple fantasy with Fae, shifter, and witch. I like how the heroine, Aziza choose her own HEA and not damsel in distress that waiting for a knight in shining armor to save her. Quite opposite actualy.

Every Word I Speak is when a gift going awry. We often read a fairy tale when the poor main character gifted by some fairy and then live happily ever after. This is one of the "what if" scenario, what if the gift more like a curse? The ending is bittersweet and I wish that the heroine will get her happiness despite her cruel fate.

A Necklace of Rubies is a horror story with historical setting, full of mystery and also have a gothic vibe. I almost afraid this story will end in tragedy, but the ending is superb! I would love to read A Necklace of Rubies in full length novel because the premise is unique. This one is a retold of Mr Fox and Bluebeard fairy tale.

But Can You Let Him Go? make me confused at first. Then with each story told by some unnamed fairy, I realise that this is a retold of Cinderella fairy tale. What make this story unique is how we will get the root of the tales, from an ancient civilization then to Egypt, Chinese, Ireland and then to our poor maiden Cinderella that go with the name Eleanor. All told from the "fairy godmother" view who in a quest to redeem herself for fallin' to the "prince" that supposed to marry "Cinderella". In the end, this godmother also got her HEA as well. Afterall she had tortured for eons, have unrequited love and also regrets

Short stories like One Hundred Eight Degrees, The Fortunate Ones, The Jester Heart, The Tower in the Desert, the Train and I am The Grey Lady are just okay for me, not memorable. Like The Train is told from a woman that is a result of experiment, make her some kind of Frankenstein. The Fortunate Ones have a sorrow tone, much alike Every Word I Speak. The Jester Heart have underlying message, a regret of a woman that couldn't save her crazy sister. The Tower in the Desert is silly and maybe is the "brightest" story from this collection. While I am The Grey Lady is a mix of Sixth Sense and The Others with a twist.

The rest of the shorts, like Remember, What Will I Do When the Dream is Over and The Taste of Cherries don't make sense at all. Remember is..what, I don't know what the story about, more like a rambling of mad woman who deep into her madness. While Will I Do more like mediocre urban fantasy stories. The Taste of Cherries is more like a closing for a collection, an absurd short about longing.

I really like what Ms Speer deliver in this collection. Not all good, but I love her voice, especially when she write in 1st POV. Her take to the fairy tale is unique and even some don't end in HEA, still remarkable. This collection show her progress, from circa 90-ish until recently, and I find that I prefer her old writing.  I would love to read more of her work other than from this collection offered. If you like unusual fantasy and fairy tale retelling, also Neil Gaiman fans (whom Ms Speer got her inspiration from) Wishes and Sorrows is a must read for you

e-ARC provided by NetGalley for honest review

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Kiss scene and subtle sex scene

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  1. Oh, ini ternyata antologi.. *manggut2*
    I like fantasy! I'm always excited to read fantasy books. The cover is lovely and..magical! XD
    "..what if the gift more like a curse?" reminds me about Ella Enchanted :D


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